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An interdisciplinary artist, I work intuitively using an abstract vocabulary, to express my inner world.

I create a personal visual language to fill the voids and empty spaces in life. A sense of fragmented remembrances informs my work, telling stories about loss, identity, the forgotten past, curiosity, hope and completion.

Much of my studio time is spent painting. My surfaces are heavily worked and scratched through the skin, scraped deeply to uncover the history hiding underneath. I enjoy the physicality of adding and subtracting materials, revealing and obscuring elements and the mark making that appears from this process. Calligraphic and map-like punctuation marks serve as a reference table to the archaeology of the work. The work becomes a palimpsest, each layer sharing the memory of the other. It is work created with the intention of a slow emergence of details.

I also have an interest in the energy and history found in re-purposed materials. I’m a lifelong obsessive gatherer and possess a diverse collection of unrelated “stuff” which is used in my work and serve as inspiration and influence. Collage, sewing, stuffing, wrapping and binding is incorporated into my practice. Living in a rural environment brings nature into my process. Pieces are outside hanging in the tress or buried in the snow as a ritual cleansing or sharing of their stories before final assemblage.



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